Micro Markets

self service at its best.

DELI-MATIC combines the great service they are known for with two styles to create a winning solution for any business.

Deli-Matic introduces an alternative to vending machines, the new self-checkout market. It provides consumers the ability to shop and purchase in their place of business without the hassles of vending equipment, providing a completely new and innovative way to satisfy employees' food-service needs.


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 Easy To ImplementHealthy EatingKiosk's

The market can be setup where your existing vending machine are located. The area needs internet access and a power source for the coolers. Employees can physically touch the products before they purchase and then scan the UPC code when they are ready to pay for their items. Purchases are made with the employees market card, which can be refilled with cash or debit/credit card, or items can be purchased with a debit/credit card.

The food and beverage selection included a large assortment of healthy product too! A healthy employee is a happy employee! From reduced fat chips to low calorie sports drinks and fruits and salads, Deli-Matic Markets has something for every health conscious employee.

Deli-Matic Markets' unique user friendly self-checkout kiosk system allows employees on-site to choose from hundreds of products just as if you were at your favorite convenience store. Customers can pay for their purchase with their market card, cash, credit card or debit card